Dating Remington Pistol & Revolver Boxes


Thanks to Ron Merchant (and lots of help from John Moss!) we have a great piece to help figure out dates of Remington boxes posted on the IAA site.

This one is in .pdf format and is about 6MB so it may take awhile to download.

We already had one to date Peters boxes.

Who can do one for Winchester boxes?

It should not be the "every box ever made with every variation in every caliber- there are books for that sort of detail. What is needed by most newer collectors is just something that will narrow a particular style of box down to a 5-10 year window. That can probably be done with 25 boxes or less, and they do not have to be the same caliber. Limit it to centerfire calibers if you like.

A lot of people just want to know what would be a good match for their rifle made in a certain year, and eventually they may get enough different rifles (and ammo) that they become cartridge collectors.


Fantastic resource, Ron! Thanks for putting that together.



Thanks guys


There are some Revolver boxes in that article credited to me that are not from me. I thought it should be mentioned. Since I have all the auto pistol boxes shown, I can’t see if any of the uncredited ones were mine or not, since now in question are old or rare.


John–I apologize for giving you credit for box scans that I obviously got from someone else. At the time I was putting this together I had box images from about 10 different people and I had to pick the most representative and nicest looking from sometimes 4 or 5 different people. It is clear that I must have been confused in some cases as to whose box I was using.

If anyone recognizes their box and I have given credit to someone else, please contact me so corrections can be made.



Excellent resource…thank you very much!