Dating some DWM box Markings

This question is directed to Fede and JPeelen, but any others are welcome to contribute.

When was the box marking D.W. & M. as shown below first introduced???


When was the later version with only DWM introduced???


The bottom label occurs on the side of BKIW boxes but the upper one occurs on both BKIW boxes and the pre-BKIW boxes marked with just the DWM name.

Dating the introduction of these markings would be a big help.


Hi Lew,

That’s a though question to answer, but the earliest reference I could find regarding the first use of “DWM” instead of “D. W. & M.” or “D. W. u. M.” is a trademark granted in 1924 to DWM Corp. of New York, that I think it was a fantasy or paper company created by Alexander F. Stoeger -with the approval of DWM of Germany- to fill applications in the US. This trademark indicates that “DWM” was used since about January 1, 1910.

As you can see, the problem with the trademark date is that it is not useful to date BKIW boxes.

Another problem with boxes having the BKIW designation is that most sources indicate that “vormals DWM” was used since 1933, but this is incorrect. BKIW added “formerly Deutsche Waffen- un Munitionsfabriken” since the early years since it was established, but was first expressed either as “vormals" (1923-1924), "früher” or “formerly” (1924-1933) and later as “vorm.”, “vormals” or “formerly” (1933-1936). During 1933-34 you still can find both “früher” and “vormals”, an example being the 1934 catalog -prepared in late 1933-, that shows “früher” on the cover but “vormals” on the first page.

Hope this helps.



I am afraid I cannot contribute anything substantial to your question.
D W & M clearly is the older format (new company name in effect from1897) of the two and I am very surprised that it shows up in connection with BKIW boxes (name in effect from about 1922).
Could it be a case of using up old boxes still in storage?

Great info! Many thanks,
Fede, I have exchanged information with others who can document the use of BKIW with Vormals or fruher well before 1933, including solid documentation back to 1926.

I understand that BKIW nor the trademark can be used to date a box, but at a minimum, we should be able to identify a general time frame for a given box style and this will help.

JPeelen, I doubt these are old boxes reused for the BKIW years since the top labels are printed printed with the BKIW address and the side label with D W & M is printed on a side label with what looks like identical paper. T\I have documented more of the BKIW boxes with DW&M then the earlier DWM boxes with this marking. None of the boxes I have documented from 1897-1911 have this mark.

As you mention, BKIW was in effect from about 1922, and from or formally DWM didn’t officially become part of the name until 1933, but I have not documented a single box with BKIW and without the "formally DWM).The “DWM” doesn’t show up on any of the early (Pre-BKIW) boxes that we have documented so far.


Going back to my original question, the DWM logo image was registered in Germany ,as I understand, on 23 July 1936. At that point it replaced the previous DWM logo image .

This earlier DWM logo was displayed in a number of ways in addition to that immediately above.
image image image image

Is there any record or indication when this symbol/logo/trademark was registered or introduced???


Lew, see my post above regarding the first claimed use of the “DWM” initials combined (1910). You are correct about the later “DWM” logo; it was filled in several countries claiming use since 1936.



Here are some entertaining examples of the name change on 2 DWM ammunition tool brochures from about 1935/36. You can see that the ‘vormals’ is replaced manually with ‘jetzt’ (now). The brochures themselves are not dated.

20190116_170355%20(Middel) 20190116_170318%20(Middel)

1934 advertising: