Dating this Peters Box (already Peters Cartridge Division)

I Show Frontfoto of the Box and the Markings at the inside of the closing flap
It says with rustless Priming on the back
Any date possible?



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I think this box likely dates from the first half of 1963. A photo of the back of the box would likely help confirm this.


Lew, Here is the backpart:

Thx for your help


My info is based mostly on 9mm Luger boxes, supplemented with some other autopistol boxes. The truth is that different calibers usually changed box styles at different times-when the old style boxes were used up. In addition this is a Rifle box and has some basic differences in style from pistol boxes. The 9mm Luger changed from the Red Dupont logo on the back to a Black Dupont logo in 1957 or 1958. Your box has the Child Warning on the label which was introduced in 1962.

Inspite of the uncertainty in using 9mm box designs to estimate the age of this box, I am pretty confident that the A24P code indicates the box was loaded in the first half of 1963.