Ron, et al

You have been very helpful in dating Remington boxes but - is it possible to accurately date Post WW II Winchester boxes??

If so, exactly what codes or numbers do I need to look for?

I’m fairly confident in dating the cartridges but there are many instances where the boxes are not correct. For example, I recently saw a box of SUPER-X 243 WINCHESTER (6mm) which would seem to indicate 1950s production but the cartridges had a WW SUPER headstamp which, I think, dates them to 1969 or later.

Any help would be appreciated.



Ray–I am only doing UMC and REM-UMC. If I live long enough I hope to compile the catalog listing for other brands as wel.

I think this is exacty what you need:



Thanks for the link. A little costly for what I was after but I suppose you can’t have too many references.

Can we get a date on when you expect to complete your list? :) :)



Ray–I’m up to 1929 at the present. So far I have over 8000 line items. With any luck I hope to have the project completed by September.


If you’ll post or send me pictures of the boxes you wantr to date, I’ll see what I can do. I have the book that Ron gave you the link to. It is a fantastic book with pictures of hundreds of boxes, all in color, and packed cover to cover with useful information. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in cartridges or in Winchester rifles; its chapters are arranged by rifle model showing examples of the boxes for each caliber that the rifles used.


Old Ammo Guy

Thanks for the offer.

Does the book also cover boxes such as Empty Primed Shells? I have several of those that I’d like to date. I believe they have numbers on the back which I assume are lot numbers?



I don’t believe it includes any boxes of primed shells.


It probably doesn’t make any difference but I mis-typed. It’s Empty Unprimed cases.



Nope - no unprimed shells, nor any unshelled primers.