Daudeteau Rims

…for ‘original’ rifles and converted M71 Mausers. The Mauser rifle extractor will not properly engage the rim on a cartridge intended for the French rifle. Were two different cartridges made for the two rifles? I have brass, newly formed, for both rifles. The brass for my Mauser has a much larger rim than those destined for the original French rifle. Cheers!

I am surprised the 6.5 X 54 mm Mauser and the 6.5 X 53.5SR Daudeteau will chamber in the same rifle. According to Vidar Andresen on Page 134, the Daudeteau has a thicker and larger diameter rim than the Mauser. The case lengths are not the same and it doesn’t appear the neck angle would allow the two to interchange. The rim diameter of the Daudeteau is 13.5 mm and the Mauser rim is 11.8 mm.The case diameter for the Mauser is 11.85 mm and for the Daudeteau, it is 12.4 mm. Bill

Converted M71 Mausers were procured by the government of Uruguay in the mid 1890s. An arsenal in France rebarreled the Mausers and chambered them for the French 6.5x53.5R. The bolts and extractors on the Mauser conversions do not accomodate the small rim of the ‘original’ Daudeteau cartridge. That is why present-day loaders need, and are able to obtain, cases formed from the 45-70. The 45-70’s rim is much larger and works properly with the bolt head and extractor on the converted rifles. If the smaller rimmed ‘original’ cartridge will not extract properly, was a new cartridge developed with a larger rim, just for the Mausers?

Whillikers! I guess the Daudeteau is an oddball! I have Googled and searched, to no avail. Thank you all for looking, though. Cheers!