Dave Andrews, CCI/Speer

It is with a lot of sadness that I report to those Forum members who knew him that Dave Andrews, former member of the CCI/Speer team, cartridge collector, gentlemen, and a good friend, passed away. A Memorial Service is being held in Lewiston, Idaho, on May 22.

Dave was a good friend to me for over 40 years. He was very knowledgable about all aspects of the shooting sports and was a top notch cartridge collector. He used to make all the shows, and was well know for his smile and gentle, quiet demeanor. I worked with him on several cartridge collector projects over the years, and learned a lot from him.

He will be missed in this fraternity.

Death and paying taxes are something we are assured of, but that does not ease the loss of a good friend.

Dave was kind to me from the first show I meet him, to the last. I treasure his Speer retirement headstamped round…and always think of Dave whenever I see a classic Speer/CCI aluminum cased round.

He will be missed, but another priceless reason to fellowship at cartridge shows…great people, friends, past and present…and no one gets to pick the when of

A real gentleman. I have missed our little conversations.

Dave was a great guy, along with being, I believe, a Distinguished Pistol shooter. He was also once a professional shooter and sales rep. for Remington working here in the south west, before his work with CCI / Speer where he took on the daunting job of writing the Speer reloaders manuals. He was also a contributer to the NRA’s Rifleman “Dope Bag”.
A generous and very knowledgable person, who was always free with his information, he sure will be missed.

A great guy to know.

Bummed I never had the opportunity to meet him. My condolence to all who knew him and his family.


I am sad to see that Dave has died. I knew him quite well. Just to show what kind of guy Dave was, I’ll relate a story. Back about 1985 I took my 8 year old son to the Chicagoland Cartridge Show. My son was just getting into cartridge collecting and was putting together a collection of Dummy cartridges.
This was at a time that CCI was doing a lot of experimenting with Blazer aluminum cases anodized in about 10 colors. Dave was selling dummy rounds of these for about $5.00 each. Only about 100 of each color of dummy had been made for in house cartridge boards and as salesmen samples to show to dealers to get their reaction to the various colors. My son had looked at them and talked to Dave about them several times during the show, but on his limited budget he could not afford any of Dave’s pretty wares. On the last day of the show Dave walked up to my son and handed him a bag with about 40 different CCI dummies. The bag had one of each dummy from CCI’s normal cartridge board and one of each of the highly prized experimental dummies. That sack was easily worth $200 and Dave gave it to my son free. My son was not the only collector to benefit from Dave’s kindness over the years.

I will miss him a lot. I will prize my personally autographed copy of the Speer Reloading Manual that says "For Ron Merchant, Friend, with thanks for all the help over the years, and Best wishes. 1 Oct. 1987.

Yes, Dave was a Friend, A fantastic collector and truly one of GIANTS oif the Cartridge Collecting Land. All who knew him could only benefit from his knowledge and kindness.

An exceptional gentleman! I still have in my reference files the famous little brown envelopes from Chicago (and later SLICS). At each show Dave would have an envelop for me with notes carefully written on the front describing each item. Amazing stuff from an amazing guy. He was what I think we should all be as collectors, kind, thoughtful, cheerful and generous with both his time and his knowledge, whether you were an expert or a beginner—and I was pretty much a beginner when I first met Dave. I only saw Dave at the shows and there never seemed to be enough time to really sit down and learn from him the way I’d have liked to. My memory is that there were always people standing around waiting to ask him a question.

Dave joins the list of collectors who live in my memory as a major factor in making this hobby such a delight.

One way to remember Dave would be as a IAA Memorial Award for the best Journal article in a particular class. If someone would like to initiate this type of Award, count me in!

I would also be happy to contribute to a Dave Andrews IAA Memorial Award fund.
Ron’s story about Dave helping begining collectors is just one side of Dave’s generosity. He knew I seriously collected primers, so one day, several years ago, and right out of the blue, he just gave me his entire CCI collection!
Lots of really neat stuff, which I’m sending back as JPG’s to the CCI / Speer historian (unofficial historian, but all they have).
Someday if it’s still legal to own them, I’ll pass them along in the same kind and generous mannor.

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I am going to press ahead with organizing a Dave Andrews Memorial award for the Journal.

I appreciate Pete’s encouragement. Are there others who would like to be part of this award. It requires a minimum total donation of $300 and it will cover 3 awards or 6 years.

Normally the awards are for a Journal articles of a particular type of subject (Rimfires, US Cartridges, Large Caliber, etc). I’d appreciate hearing from Dave’s Friends on what type of article they think most approprate, input is appreciated whether or not you are in a position to contribute.

Ideas on articles are best posted on this thread. Send me an email if you have something that you’d rather not post.

Thanks for your contributions or inputs.


I am good for $100

(or whatever we need)


Thanks Pepper!!!

I have had a recommendation that the award be for the best shotshell article (worldwide)!!! Sounds good to me.

Any other ideas???


Little do/did I know, but I always associated Dave with aluminum cased pistol ammo !

Shotshells ?..if they are some wild special purpose or loaded with flechettes…I am all over that !

but either way…I am in…my goal…to keep the fine memory of one of the true IAA gentleman alive & well