David Hughes's listing of .223 / 5.56 cartridges

“REPRINT” of David R. Hughes’s, 1991 copy of

“A Listing of Known 223 Remington Cartridges” is available.

Approximately 80 spiral bound pages. Several thousand head stamps and specimen information examples. This should not to be confused with David’s book " The History and Development of the M16 Rifle and Its Cartridge". This is a list of the cartridges that David had in his collection or had knowledge of at the time of his book was published.

$20.00, Domestic Priority Mail Included, Please contact PM

I might be interested, was the total $20 with shipping? and if so, would a check work and who, and what address do I send it to?

Hi Again Denny,
For one reason or another my reply to your IAA Forum, from yesterday has been returned as undeliverable. I double checked e-mail address and it is correct. So, I’ll try one more time and sorry for any delay in replying.

The $20.00 price for the list does include USPS postage using priority mail, which is two days from California to your home in Nebraska.

I will take a check or MO it’s your pick.

My address is:

Frank Nerenberg

3214 Fiji Lane

Alameda, CA 94502


I;m planning on sending you a check today for a copy of the 5.56 list of known cartridges.


Hi Denny,
Your note and check arrived earlier today. I will not be able to get to the post office until Thursday to get package off and I apologize for the delay.

Prepping today for a my favorite thing tomorrow … a colonoscopy … oh joy.

Thank you and will get a tracking number when the list ships.