Hello to all I appear, am called David Ribalta and am a collector of cartridges, member of the AECC (Asociación Española de Coleccionistas de Cartuchos). Would Wish if someone of you will go to the miting of the ECRA in Switzerland in 2010 to facilitate a list of cartridges to do changes or sales before the miting, I am very interested in 9 PARABELLUM as well as other calibres. I have a list with repeated, many of them Spanish manufacture. For any contact write to davrib@hotmail.com

YO! LEW!!! You just got a new buddy.

Welcome, Davrib.

Thank you very much,
I have 1.300 Spanish cartridges in my collection. If you need photos of some piece especially it will be for my pleasure you to send it.

Cordial regards!!


Welcome to the IAA Forum. It is always a pleasure to have another 9x19mm collector on the forum. It raises the level of both the culture and the intelligence of the discourse!!!

There are some very knowledgeable collectors who participate and I find the Forum an excellent research tool, and a lot of fun.

My Spanish collection is a bit weak. Below are some of the more interesting cartridges I have.

There are some Spanish 9x19 that are on my wantlist. The first is the blue plastic Oramil S.A. shortrange, but with an unusual headstamp. Most of these rounds have a headstamp like:
P.O. 4-89 9-P
The cartridge I’m looking for has the headstamp:
P.O. 1-83 9mm with the caliber designation “9mm” instead of the common “9-P”

Three are also a set of Oramil blanks in yellow, green and orange, and a SB-T dummy and blank that I am lacking from my collection.

Check out my website below. It has quite a bit of 9x19mm data available on it.

Finally, here are some pics of 9x19mm that may interest you.

Some interesting US loads and bullets:

Some interesting British loads and bullets:

Here are some THV loads and bullets:

Some THV related loads from South Africa.

Cheers, Lew

Hello Leew,
I cannot put photos in the forum, you might write to me an e-mail to davrib@hotmail.com?
I you will send photos of 9 parabellum spanisch of my collection.

A greeting

Wow Lew, some nice ones! What is that projectile in the “interesting British” photo, in the 3rd row down of that pic, second from the right? It looks like a mosquito trapped in clear amber or something, sort of like from “Jurrasic Park”! Is it a Dinosaur DNA bullet?!

I have always thougth it was just an air bubble, but now that you mention it, I reckon it is some sort of exotic bio toxin!!! Wait, this is in my collection and not for sale on Gun Broker!!! Guess it really is an air bubble.

Cheers, Lew

On the British rounds photo, number 8 in row 2 resembles very much the Spanish Mablan (or maybe vice versa). What bullet is it?

I see that Lew shows a spanish subsonic load from 1981. These were handcrafted at the Fábrica Nacional de Toledo, Spain, in 1981 for a special order. The boxes were identified by a handwritten legend. This legend is peculiar because it says “subsónicas”, which should refer to the bullets; if it referred to the cartridges it would say “subsónicos”.

These bullets weigh 8,30 grams (128 grains) instead of the 7,40 grams (114 grains) of the current ball cartridge.

The boxes are commercial and are all similar but two variations of the cartridge are known:

  • Wide green band (paint), headstamp (9-P SB-T 81).
  • Narrow dark green band (lacquer), headstamp (9-P SB-T 82). These were loaded in december 1981 too, but it seems they used cases intended for next year’s production.