Type 1 DAVY CROCKETT HIGH-LOW PRESSURE spotter 20mm next to adopted tactical version of the case. Type 1 is on the right . It is a heavy walled blued steel case with rim. The spotters are reloadable. In this type the 4 notches in the rim are to effect the removal of the head. The 2 deep spanner holes in the tactical version are for the same. LAKE CITY ARSENAL experimental.

Only 3 examples of this known. 2 are in Woodin Lab.


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Never seen a 20mm DC Spotter like that before. I’d seen the version that has a conventional looking forward body on it with a short neck, but nothing like the rare bird you show here.

I’d heard rumors that there might be a CD Book comming out on this subject in the near future. Can’t wait to dig into that… Feel free to tease us with more posts like this in the mean time!

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The typical looking DC spotter was a Frankford Arsenal version which was not adopted. The long necked Lake City version was the standard and a similar type in 37mm as you know.

The CDB (computer disc book) is in the works and will have more than anyone wants to know about the Davy Crockett systems. This includes tech manuals , photos and a section of veteran’s histories from men who actually fielded these weapons in Europe and Asia. Tactical and experimental spotting cartridges , etc.