DDR 7.9x57mm blank

I don’t have the books about the East German producers. Is this round a legitimate DDR product?
If so, what is the official designation?
Is it a noise blank or a grenade launcher round? I have examples of the noise blanks that are similar to the earlier Platzpatrone 33 with wooden bullets
The mouth crimp is sealed with white paint.


There is nothing in Mischinger’s fine books about any round like this in 7.9 x 57. I have about 40 DDR 7.9 x 57x in my own collection, and have never seen or heard of a grenade blank or any round of this description.

There is an American company that makes blanks and uses a white tip seal on lots of them. Perhaps they or someone else bought up a lot of the ball ammunition in this caliber - it was around in quantity very cheap, as you know - and turned them into blanks. The loaded ball ammo was cheaper per round, considerably as I recall, than new commercial brass in that caliber.

If so, this would be a movie or reenactor’s blank, almost certainly.

Just my thoughts on the matter. I have no documentation for the use of DDR cases by anyone to make movie blanks.

John Moss

Thanks John. That’s about what I figured. I had never seen or heard of anything like it from East Germany but there is tons of stuff I have never seen or heard of, so I thought I would ask.

Phil - amen to that brother. Things are still showing up from WWII that we had never seen or heard of, much less even older stuff. And, no book on any subject has it all between the covers!

I am pretty sure my comments are close to the truth, but don’t ask me to bet my nice K98k on it!!!

John Moss