DDR box mis-print

Is this a misprint or some experimental 7.62x57mm cartridge? (Ha Ha)

Headstamp is “04 59”


Why a misprint.
They were printed all that way.
Here a Stg44 and a .223 box.


The cartridge is a 7.92x57 Mauser, while the box says 7.62.

The box for 7.92 x 57 ammunition shown is definitely a misprint. I have a number of boxes for this caliber, and all reflect the correct “7.92” designation.

Joe will be posting a scan of these boxes for me. The upper left box in the scan is for brass-cased ammunition, as designated by the letters “MS” (Messing). The lower right box is poorly stamped and hard to read, but it is for 7.92 Platzpatronen (blanks), which can have any headstamp although all I have encountered have been on DDR or Czech cases. Note that all of the boxes pictured use the “7.92” designation, not “7.62”.

7.92 x 57mm East German box labels, all showing the correct caliber designation of “7.92”.

John Moss Collection

Shame on me.