Deactivation on cartridges to all lower 48 States of USA

We now offer deactivation on cartridges shipped to the lower 48 continuous states of the USA.
Including direct to customers in California or New York, with no need for an FFL, as it is not live ammunition.
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We also have 1000s of cartridge s still not listed on the old or new site.
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David Call
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I have not yet read all the provisions for the implementation of the California ammunition law, the portion, that is, that went into effect July 1, 1990. However, it may will include components. If so, a deactivated cartridge with a bullet in it, and a still-serviceable case (no holes, etc.) would still require shipment to an FFL - holder. (Probably unique to California, since no FFL is required under Federal law to sell ammunition, as we all know). Again, I have not yet obtained, or had a chance to read, the newest rules. I was offered that opportunity at my dealer the last time I picked up a little shipment of cartridges, but I did not have the extra hour or more that it would have taken me to read it and give it even a tiny study.

These rules, by the way, arrived at my dealer o/a June 30th. Sure gave him a lot of time to prepare for implementing its provisions!

John Moss

John Moss

I drill the case so the case is not an issue, the projectile would be in the case ? maybe an issue ? but zi would think, that would really be pushing the law and wasting the courts time, the primer will also be dead and no powder. You maybe able to throw it at someone like a rock, :-) have they outlawed rocks over there yet John :-) :-)

How are they doing a background check ? The ATF will not do it for ammo, only firearms.

Of course I can ship live ammo to a free state and what happens after it is delivered if up to the buyer what happens to it, not me.

All the laws in the world, will not keep a gun free “safe zone”, safe.

Of course these laws are useless. I still don’t know how the State would view the bullet in the case. The don’t care one tinker’s damn about "pushing the law and wasting the court’s time. Most of laws those people are passing in the last 20 years are all wasting the court’s time, and I am not just talking about gun laws.

You can ship ammo to California - it simply has to go to the dealer. A pain in the a–, but still can be done and that’s how I have people send stuff to me. It means a 70-mile round trip, and now, I guess, a small fee and paper work (I haven’t received any ammo since the July 1st date of applying the final stages of the law). And yes, they have a background check sort of. The quick check, and evidently only takes a few minutes, is predicated on whether you have bought a gun (any caliber - that provision has nothing to do with allowing one to only buy ammo for guns he has registered to him) after a certain date, quite some time ago. That shows you how ignorant these morons are - they pass laws to try to limit guns and ammunition, and then make the procedure easier if you have bought a gun! Its like when our last Governor signed five new gun laws - four made it tougher on dealers and honest citizens and the 5th REDUCED the penalties for using a firearm in a felony crime.

And I agree! There is no such thing as a “gun-free safe zone.” The most gun-violent countries in the world - the Middle East and parts of Africa, technically have some of the toughest gun laws in the world. Unprescribed narcotics have been illegal in the U.S. for decades, and yet some States have made certain illegal substances legal in their states, thereby making a law that is more lenient than the Federal Law. I learned in basic school course on Govt. and the Constitution that a State is not allowed that, although they CAN make laws stricter than Federal laws on the same subject. Where is the Federal Attorney General when you need him? However, all the anti-drug laws and all the enforcement at the border and in the interior, have barely made a dent in the narcotics illegally made in the US, and that crossing our borders from other countries. A total failure of law and enforcement in action! When the gun laws get too tough, just watch what happens with the supply of guns. Sporting guns will probably be hard to find, but things like automatic weapons will be smuggled in by the thousands.

Well, I could go on and on, but no point. At this stage, is is not going to change.

John Moss

Amen John, we have the same fight here in Maine, so far we and common sense are winning… We have more gun per capita them most other states and a one of the safest state to live in. Although taxes are getting stupid.