Decipher this?

Hello Everyone:

At the suggestion of a fellow Forum member, I am asking for help in deciphering the code/line below, which comes from a WCC ammunition box. If anyone could be of help, it would be greatly appreciated.

The line is: DA-23-196-ORD-27

Beyond the obvious that “DA” stand for the Department of the Army, I do not understand what the remainder of this coding I.D. represents. As I said above, any help would be appreciated.

Gary Murr


When we talked, I didn’t catch that the nomenclature you are talking about was on a cartridge box label. I thought you were referring to a manual or a report. I guess the fact that most of the 1950s Army Manuals on small arms start with the number “32”, as in TM 23-5 on the M1 Rifle, is coincidental. On a cartridge box, that sounds like a Department of Army Contract Number to me. I could be wrong - one thing I have never made any real study of is contract and lot number structures that appear on boxes. I should have, and should still, but a moron like me can only crowd so much data between his ears.