Declassified CIA files - great info source

Here the website of the CIA where they do provide their declassified (FOIA) archive files.

There are quite some ammo related documents and also lots on factories and subjects around.

To me with a very wide interest in ordnance and in particular in communist countries and factories this is a great source of information. With some places I have been to in the past it is very interesting to read these files today.
Anybody with an interest in all this and who is able to interpret this kind of data should not miss this source.

The seach function there works quite well.


Thanks. Found some very interesting things there.

Excellent information on MBA’s “Dart Gun” with its saxitoxin payload in/on the “Javette” projo. Thanx for posting. Amazing what’s been declassified.

It has something for everybody. Just look for it.

Mel, did you find more than 2 docs?