deCoux Auction #16

You can download a copy of this auction at;

hit the CLICK HERE button and that will take you to the page.

The catalog button is: #16.pdf

Sale will end Sept. 22, 2018 and we hope to have high quality catalogs covering the 807 lots (includes 4 pages of color) ready to mail in the middle of August

Printer says we should have the spiral-bound 88 page catalogs to post next Friday the 17th & I hope to get the yellow postcards out to all on the mailing list, earlier - mid-week.

If your overseas or in Canada, If you find something you want to bid on and want a catalog mailed, then as soon as you pay for it, that also covers the bid fee.

You can use the catalog & bid sheet downloaded copies from the site to bid, that way if the catalog gets lost or is late you won’t miss out.

(That happened last sale to several folk, so this is just a heads-up, play it however you wish).

I found a mistake in the previously posted / uploaded catalog, lot 362, the 6 rnd collection of .450 3 1/4" NFB, was missing some information.

It’s now been corrected and can be downloaded if important to you.

Thanks & sorry about that.