deCoux sale 18

Howdy Folks

Our sale 18 is now up on our website

Feel free to download the 62 page, 467 lot (with color) catalog by just clicking the #18.pdf button on the right side of the 2nd page & a #18 bid sheet.pdf is in the middle of the same page, just above the shooters.

The sale will end Oct. 31st, 2020 & we hope to have hard-copies to post for those that want them next week.

We hope to get the yellow postcards out to most of you in a few days, but no need to wait as they may take awhile to get to you

Thanks for the look & stay safe

PS last sale some folks thought I could add the $20.00 bid fee when it was all over, but we are only set-up to bill for lots that are won. Thanks for your understanding with this.

For plastic, we will also need the phone number associated with the card along with the number, expiry date and security code normally needed. And we would suggest you phone us when giving that information as e-mail may not always be secure.


Pete, great catalog, as usual. Thanks!



Very nice Pete. Looking forward to the auction!

Thanks Gentlemen

Some corrections.
Lot 229 the RWS Nurnberg is headstamped “R.W.S. NURNBERG” and it is an 11x65R or 11.15x65R.

Lot 352 is a 20x138B Rheinmetall blank.

Lot 449 we have had confirmation it is a Dominion Rubber & Munitions pin marked BIRKS not BIRRS Sterling on the back.

Another correction Lot 165 is a .450 not a 400 Boxer. Some day I’ll learn to type

Another couple of corrections
Lot 254 is a 7.9x57 Type 3 Exp./INC not a 7,7x58.

Lot 256 is a type 92, 7.7x58SR Ma101 Exp./INC.