Dedles Shotshell

Can anyone give me more detail regarding a Dedles Shotshell?


The “Dedles” (“Dead Less”) was a trade name for German “Scheintod” or “Scheintot” .410 caliber pistols and revolvers marketed in England by The “Dedles” Small Arms Company, London (also available through Midland Arms Co. and other companies).

I’m don’t think these items are related. Can you post pictures of the items inside the tube on the right? They look like draw stages.



Thanks Fede for the info. Pictures as requested.
There is headstamp 410.

The “ScheintoDt” term meant “appearance of Death” – it was a 12mm flash-bang device which (as far as my memory allows) contained lycopodium powder. The firearms were either single-shots, with the barrel on a bayonet or lug fitting, or a gargantuan 4-shot revolver.
Some models feaured a skeleton on the hard-rubber grips ;-)
“Googling” trawls up a lot of references, understandably many in German.

Thanks a lot for the additional pictures. Yes, they are draw stages of a .410 shotshell.

Note correct spelling is either “Scheintod” or “Scheintot”, and not “Scheintodt”. They used this brand name for single shot pistols, two and three shot repeating pistols, and also a five shot “pepperbox” style revolver. Load consistend in a mixture of blackpower, lycopodium, cayenne pepper and other ingredients.

Ad by T. Watson & Co. showing two different “Scheintot” brand guns marketed as “Dedles”:



Fede – so would the items pictured (draw stages & powder) still be connected to the Dedles Revolver?

Or is the description on paper shown incorrect?

It came to me included in a batch of older single shotshells.

Jim C

Jim, I see no connection between the two items, but the powder tubes could well be the contents of a “Dedles” cartridge.




Some pics attached.