Defender Ammunition 9mm

I noticed today that Defender Ammunition of Raeford, North Carolina seems to indicate a custom 9mm headstamp, or at least they show a digital rendering of one from a photo post on their Facebook page from December of last year. I sent them a message asking if it is in production or not. Unfortunately, they are one of those manufacturers that seems to only sell in 500 or 1000 rd bulk quantities. They also show an odd looking .45acp headstamp with a blank top half, which might just be a photoshopped image for whatever reason.

They responded and said that they do have new headstamped brass, with “DEFENDER” headstamps on 9mm, .380, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308. Doing smaller box quantities was a possibility also after speaking with them on the phone, so I should have some images next week to post.

Many thanks! Nice people.


Just received some ammo from Defender. They sent me examples of these three rounds. Some of their ammo isn’t yet using the Defender headstamp. I asked specifically about 45ACP and they have not loaded it with Defender brass.

Thanks for the heads up DK.


At first I thought that Lew’s scan above was somehow obscured, but after receiving some of these today, I see that the .380acp is actually pretty rough. Sometimes happens on a first run.

The .308 Win Match case was manufactured by Kinetic Industries, LLC in Minnesota.