DELETE PLEASE Little help for a fellow who has passed on


Hey Tom,

Sorry for the loss of, Emil. I actually know a guy in Canada who makes the most beautiful Artillery shell urns. Last I spoke to him, he offered brass 105MM Leopard Tank cases and brass 105MM Howitzer earns. His primary trade is fabricating brass cannons and is a master craftsman. I met him while trying to locate a 105MM Leopard Tank case. for my collection Anyhow, he turns a beautiful solid brass cap with screw on top for the urns on a metal lathe, then polishes the entire urn. If you have not already found what Emil’s family is looking for let me know and I can send you my contacts direct info. Again, very sorry.




Thanks a bunch for the quick response!

We really need to find something quickly so that may be a trick.

But go ahead and send me the contact info to my email address if you would.

Any shell casing the correct size will work fine.



My pleasure, Tom. I really hope it works out as he was a hero. I will send you the link to the guy’s web site in a e-mail next.



Tom, I just sent you some photos of a US M148A1B1 105MM case that I have. If it is suitable, I would be happy to donate it. Let me know and I will get in to you right away.





This is cool, the family had no idea they would even be able to find such a thing!




Fantastic! I am stoked they like it and it will help honor, EMIL. Anyhow, let me know when you need it. I can take it to the UPS Store today or tomarow depending on when I hear back from you.



FYI - I just shipped the case to you via UPS.