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This looks much like the French mortar round. The fins should be screwed into the other side of the shell body.
I just do not remember anymore if it was fired with compressed gas or with a separate charge.

Definately no aircraft bomb.


Right … I figured that out… after by EOD buddy told several years ago that someone “diddled” with it. I just want to know what country, time frame and model number. I figured French or maybe Belgium by the shape of the fins. I’m going to try to get the fins out of the fuze port and some how reattach to where they belong. Then see if anyone wants it. Weird why someone did this huh. Thanks


I am diggin my docs right now. It is the 60mm M1915 shell for the Brandt pneumatic mortar.




Thanks EOD … Great Info. What doc did you find in… maybe I have it too and don’t know!! //


So have you moved the fins back to the right place or will you leave them?


Cool “bomb”!!! Here is more info. … andt-inert … tml#Brandt


1SFG, it is mentioned in the “Deminest” No19 from 2000. It is/was some sort of French EOD-gazette. Think it does not exist anymore.