Den 43 30.06?

I got hold of some WWII era .30 cal, head stampped “DEN 43”(is that the Denver Munitions plant?) and need to know what to do with them. I know some people collect them but are they safe to shoot? One has a black tip, is that AP? And if I do decide to just hang on to them are they safe to handle? I was thinking of dumping the powder popping the primer, reassembling and displaying. THANKS!

Black = AP, yes.
As far as going through all the work of inerting, and reassembling, Why? They are just as safe to handle as any other ammo type.
As far as shooting goes, the primers are corrosive, so a good water/solvent/oil cleaning will be in order if you decide to either shoot them or “just” pop the primers.

Are they worth anything more than just for shooting? I don’t want to shoot them and then have someone tell me they were worth X number of dollars. I have a ton of LC 30.06 that I normally shoot.

Shoot it happily.

I have several bandoleers of the Den 43 M2 Ball ammo all packed in 5-rnd stripper clips that are marked with what might be a C and T.
Does anyone know what the letters actually are and who made the clips?