DEN 43 Wildcat?


Hello all,
I found this round in a large box from my uncle. At first glance I thought it was a 7.62 NATO but now I’m now sure.It’s measurements are

7.91mm Bullet diameter
52.95mm Case length
8.65mm neck diameter
11.80mm rim Diameter

Headstamp of

The photo is next to a 30-06 Springfield.

Let me know if you need any more information.
Thank you


Lookslike someone formed 7.65x53 Belgian/Argentine Mauser from .30-06 Brass. However, I could be wrong.


Josh, the DEN 43 h/s marks the original case as a .30-06 produced at the Denver Arsenal in 1943. This is too short, by 5mm, to have been intended as a formed 7.92x57. Almost certainly a wildcat, but what one it might be, I cannot help.

Falcon, the case length is correct, but not the bullet diameter.

Hopefully Ray Meketa will weigh in on this.



The confusing thing is that 7.65 Belgian mauser actually uses .311" Calibre bullets, which measure 7.92mm when measured with a digital caliper.


Thank you both. Yes, I had believed it to be based off a 30-06 but I was unable to find anything like it in my limited supply of books. Like I said it was in a large box from my uncle so it may just be an experiment or pet round.
Thank you


My money is still on the home made 7.65x53 Belgian mauser, which does, in fact, have an actual bullet diameter of 7.92mm.



I’d say Falcon is correct. There were many, many, of those 7.65x53 cartridges made from surplus '06 brass.

The only way you can be certain of the actual bullet diameter is to pull the bullet and measure it’s full diameter at it’s base.

.311 bullets are much more readily available in the USA and you will find them loaded in many cartridges that are actually intended for bigger diameter bullets. Accuracy is the same - lousy.



Thank you all!