Denver finds: Cal. .45 "Lengthened Chamber" & Gatling Blank


First would like to say that the Denver, PA show was a most enjoyable event in every respect. Thanks to Jon Cohen and NATO Dave for their hospitality and organization skills!

Was able to fill my need for an example of a “Sharpshooter” .45-80 and also found what I think is a 1902 Gatling Blank. Headstamp on the left is “R F 6 83” and the blank is unheadstamed.

Interesting that both have approx. the same 2.4" case length. Seems to be just a coincidence though? The inside primed predecessor of the 1902 Gatling blank pre-dates the “Sharpshooter” but I have not seen anything on an inside primed version of that loading.



Pleasure meeting you, Dave. You sure seemed to have a great time. I’m sure your chin will heal nicely. Rug-burns can be nasty, but looking at your new cartridges helps a lot.



The Model 1881 Lengthened Chamber Cartridge, 2".4 Case, (yes, I said 2".4) was only made with the reloadable, outside primed case, AFAIK. And, I believe the similar case length was coincidental. The blank was made that way to properly feed, and the Lengthened Chamber Cartridge to accomodate the additional 10 grains of powder.