Denver, PA cartridge show photos


A lot of bullets in that room!!!


Great stuff, Vlad. Nice to see you again. Today was fantastic…but long! Gotta get some sleep to do it all again. Today we had the highest number of “walk-ins” that we’ve ever had on a single day over the 16 years of the show.


Awesome pics of a great looking show! Wish I could go one day. I see some great stuff and some large bore stuff too. Very nice!



It is pleasant to look photos on which people are engaged in favourite business


What is the big black wooden box looking thing in the third picture from the bottom?


It is a very early shotshell reloader, very rare, I wish I could remember more details. Since the show will go on for 1 more day, maybe someone who is still at the show can ask the seller for more details?


Vlad, great pics as always. I don’t think I took as many as last time but I hope to get them on later today.
John S, the Big Black Box? I talked to the guy and he said it is the earliest model of progressive shotshell reloader that he has ever seen. It is made entirely of wood and and has many parts. He has researched it and it seems that it was made in the 1880s or so. (I took a picture of the date.) If not mistaken, he got it from an estate that went back to the civil war if I remember right.
I took a number of closeups of that device and will include them later in another post.
A year ago I attended my first cartridge show and learned that I could not come and buy one of everything. (HA!) This year coming back I was a lot more organized and educated about what I was looking for. The guys there are all so nice and very happy to talk about cartridges and every variation. This year it was nice to come back to see new friends. I brought my friend from Mississippi to his first cartridge show here and he had a great time too. Unlike my first, I better briefed him about what to be thinking about and what he wanted or might want. With his list, he came with a full wallet and an empty bag. In four hours he reversed that pretty well but left with the majority of things he was looking for. A great time!!!


You know that “pit” in your stomach you get when you can only look in the window of the ice cream shop and not go in ? (now that I reassess…it’s not a pit, it’s just plan “sadness”)

But my work eliminates the chance to attend this great show (we actually have an NFL game tonight)…

… to see so many friends in the photos (thanks for the photos Vlad) is bitter sweet (“bitter” because thay are glomming all the good rounds !)(“sweet” because Jon and crew put their heart and soul in to keeping the traditional show alive and well)

Congrats to all…and a special thanks to the dealers who take the time to travel far and wide to show their wares (I see a few IAA “oldies” in the photos…and it takes one to know one !)

Be well

Rats, I can’t be there…

IAA President (from afar!)


It was a great crowd, Pepper. We had people from Canada, to Indiana, to Mississippi, to a couple of transplanted Englishmen. OK, the last two are Americans now, but I’d like to think they really came for the cartridge shows. Next year’s show is in the planning stage and info will be forthcoming in the next few days.
I feel truly blessed (alright, that’s a stretch too) to be able to attend 3 cartridge shows most years. It would be great to see a few more regional shows. (Wink, wink…nudge, nudge.)