Depleted uranium projectiles

A friend of mine was offered a 105mm depleted uranium tank round, inert. He checked the projectile by removing it from the multi-piece sabot and it was indeed dark gray DU, about 3.5 Kg worth of it. He does not know the legality of owning that quantity of DU so he asked me to see if I could find any reliable information before he continues negotiation with the present owner. I see small quantities of DU selling on Ebay, so I know it is not illegal to own per-se, but is there a quantity limit? He said the projectile was the older kind used when DU tank ammo first came out, namely a teardrop-shaped spin-stabilized projectile.

cannonmn, do you mean this version here: … magezoom=0

I think this one did not exist with a DU core.

He would have to get a digital Geiger counter on that to be sure, and should come up somewhere just under 2.00 ma/hr if it is for real.

Yes it does appear to be the same as the APDS-T M728 that EOD posted; there is no writing on it so we’re doing a visual comparison only. I’ll tell him to borrow such a geiger counter to check it when he gets near it again.

Meanwhile, for such a time as he may encounter a real DU antitank round, if this one is not, let’s find an answer to the question of whether we in the USA are legally allowed to own one of the complete DU projectiles, say 105 or 120mm. Let’s assume it was obtained legally, and not stolen from the US government, since if it was obtained illegally, it would certainly not be legal to own.

It would be legal to own since quantity is apparently not an issue for DU. Some people own many examples of smaller 25mm and 30mm DU rds, so if somebody owned 100 of those, then that would be like having 1 large tank penetrator in terms of DU quantity. As long as it is not US Gov property, but then of course there are many many helmets and body armor vest for sale on EBay right now which are U.S. property, so… ?

Thanks for the info. I see few or no DU projectiles offered at shows I attend, but you never know, so now my friend may pick one up someday. I already told him the M728 should be made of tungsten and not DU.

I would suspect some DU penetrators of that shape with an EX- designation were made to test the performance of that configuration, if spinning does not detract from the intended terminal effects. But the chances of finding one of those, if any existed, would be very slim.