Depth Charge pistol replicas?

If you guys who collect depth charges need a replica firing pistol for them, you might want to check out the newsletter from the USS Slater (DE-766) a museum ship in Albany, NY.

They had a plastics manufacturer turn out a bunch of replicas for their depth charge rack, and the maker has some spares.

In any case, it is an interesting site which showcases the weapons systems aboard a WW2 ship.

For the main site:

For the newsletter with the DC pistols click on the January 2009 newsletter and go down near the bottom:

And a great Father’s day it was…A visit to the USS Slater provided a great time for all with the youngsters on the adventure having a chance to climb on and operate the elevation and traverse controls of the 3"/50 Cal. deck guns and the Twin 40mm Bofors as well as hefting dummy loads of the ammuniton for each. My issue got to demonstrate the foot operated trigger on the Bofors for the group with a smile to make the day. The 20mm Orlikon twins weren’t quite as mobile but neat to get hands on with none the less…

Here are some pics of the replica depth charge pistols and the devices they are on. The only ammunition they didn’t have an example of was the 3" Impulse Cartridge for the “K” guns. Anyone know where I could find one? I would like to aquire one and donate it to the folks who run the museum. (I might get sent off to the B-S-T segment of the forum for that, but the idea is to provide it for an educational cause…)