"Der Rote Baron" (2008) question

In the opening moments of “Der Rote Baron” (2008), a German film about Baron Manfred von Richthofen, there is a German plane with a huge Magen David painted on its side. Any reason? It is seen in this trailer for just a fraction of a second.

Yes, I have just had a look and it does look like the Star of David but I don’t see what its significance would be in that context. I have been through my pictures and can’t see the star being used on any plane.

Of course, there were lots of Jews in the German Army of WW1. It was only after that the trouble started.

Actually there were Jewish Battalions in the British Army, raised in the East End of London, but I don’t know of any Jewish fliers.

I haven’t seen the film but I would be interested to know how they cover his death. Traditionally he was shot down and died in the crash. The other version of events and probably the truth was that he survived the crash but was fired on by British troops on the ground. Some accounts describe a virtual execution.

Well that symbol is not yellow as usual,but black and white,I don’t know why

Best is to see Lena Hadey in that trailer…just wishing to see a terminator somewhere :)

Pivi, black and white were the national colors of Germany at that time.

I’ve seen a program (Histories Mysteries ? Unsolved History ?) that used the official autopsy report (single gunshot wound, entering below the ribs on the right side moving up toward the right shoulder IIRC) and locations of various gunners, both ground and air, to determine (through recreation) that it was a ground gunner (Australian ?) that “scored” the killing hit. The show also noted that the hit wouldn’t have been immediately fatal, but that death would have occurred very shortly after he landed the plane.

I saw the same forensic study of the downing of the Red Baron. It seemed very thorough, very complete and very scholarly. I have no reason to believe that his death was not caused by the single shot that hit him when his plane was fired upon by at least two machineguns from the ground.

I have answered my own question by watching the movie to the end. The explanation is in the closing historical titles which says that many Jews fought during The Great War as pilots and they were represented by a single fictitious pilot character (who had a Star of David on his plane).
Here is my great-grandfather Moses Elbaum, a Jew (in WWI French Foreign Legion uniform) with his family.