Designs, 7,62x58R ( .30 USG)

Any early ( circa 1900) detailed designs of the US .30 Krag Cartridge and Bullet designs???

Similar to SFM or DWM prints?
Need for CNC programming of RN FMJ projectile.
Doc AV
AVB Technical Services
Brisbane Australia

From the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, WRA Co. technical drawings collection:

0.30 Cal. Krag Frankford Arsenal Drawing, 1898, WRA Co. Drawing File.pdf (1.2 MB)

0.30 Cal. Krag M1898, Frankford Arsenal 1903 (Revisions to 1916), WRA Co. Drawing File.pdf (2.1 MB)


Dear BDGreen,
Thanks very much for the Blueprints…they will transfer well into CAD for CNC work.
Now I have two Profiles to make, the M1898 RN, and the 1916 Tapered RN.
I also have received from a GB poster, a 1898 RN with Three Cannelures ( Two for Lube, one for Crimp? ).
We will see what out CNC guy says about making them???!!
Thanks again,
Brisbane Aust.