Detail in German WWII labels-9mm emp example

I was logging some German WWII boxes into my collection, when I realized that I already had an example of an emp 1941 Lot 41 box, but apparently I had logged it as using CWS case lot 4 of 1941 when the box I was logging was lot 3. So, I dug out the previous box and sure enough, in production lot 41, emp had used cases from both lot 3 and lot 4 of 1941. This is just one of a number of cases I have seen where there were variations within production (Load) lots using different primer lots usually, but occasionally other components. Some factories just state on the label that they are using various case lots, but here they printed different labels. Amazing detail in the record keeping.

Both of these boxes had triangle labels stating that the ammo was for training only, probably because it was CWS case I suspect. Does anyone have documentation that CWS case 9mm was to be used only for training???


When the steel case was adopted, it was ordered to be issued primarily to training troops. (Allgemeine Heeresmiteilungen, 21 Jun 1938)
Shortly afterward came the order only to fire them from submachine guns (21 Nov 1939); due to the step in the chamber of the P 08.
Lastly the change from label “Nur für Maschinenpistolen” to “Für Pistole 08 beschränkt geeignet” (21 Jan 1943) was ordered, because it could be fired from not only from MP and P38, but also Belgian FN or Polish VIS etc.

I think your label signals that this specific lot failed some not so important acceptance criterion (like accuracy), which resulted in the limitation. As far as I know, this is called a waiver in the U.S.

Thanks for the information. Very useful and going into my files.

At the German meeting some years back I saw a box of Polte 9mm hst P St 1 39 CWS case ammo marked for use only in the MP 38 in a triangle marking. Nobody was at the table so I put it back with my card under it, but when I next passed by the table, the card was there but the box was gone. I has been watching and didn’t see the owner return to the table. I suspect someone saw the box and knew the owner and carried it to him to purchase. Another great item that was almost in my collection. I have never seen this label before or since.

If someone had a similar box, please post a photo. I’d love to have a picture of this box and the triangle MP 38 label.