Details sought on wartime cartridges / Romania

I found those cartridges and bullet, in Romania, in a area where, were disputed both WWs, but I want to know some details about them.

The 1st photo is a German WWII 8mm Mauser cartridge. Exactly where did you find these? My grandfather was a surgeon in the Soviet 6th Guards Tank Army which fought in Iași,Romania. So I sometimes look at geographic locations.

The third bullet is for the 10.4 x 47 R mm Italian Vetterli cartridge M 1890

Yep, were found in the Iasi county, in Coarnele Caprei village.

Thanks for the prompt reponses, ițm waiting identification for the second one too :D

The second appears to be a heavily damaged Soviet-made 7.62x25 Tokarev cartridge, but I can’t make out the raised headstamp.
Can you measure the diameter of that last bullet, both above and below the belt?

Jon, I think it is “T 32” but I am not sure, that’s why I am leaving it to THE expert :)

aaTak, Thanks for the interesting post! I’d like to second jonnyc’s question.

What is the diameter and length of the seperate bullet. It is really interesting looking.

Good to see you on the IAA Forum! A number of us are interested in Romanian ammunion-in my case, 9x19mm. Jonnyc likes 7.62x25mm.


Could not be T 32, earliest T date would be 42. It is most likely a 3 xx, 38 xx, or T xx.

Okay, so the cartridge hasn’t any any stamp on it.
This are the measurements:

The 10 mm base and the other measurements, and the style of the head, instantly identify this as a Russian 7.62 x 25 mm Tokarev. I doubt there was anything special about the bullet; rather it is simply eaten away by corrosion to a point that you are almost seeing the shape of the core. Jon’s ID was spot on. The round DOES appear to have a headstamp, by the way, although on my computer screen, I cannot read it.

I looked more closely, and a saw an A…the rest is unreadable.