Deteriorated Cartridge Boxes

A collector friend forwarded the following photographs of boxes that have deteriorated; ‘slightly,’ with the passage of time.
Hope that these photographs might be of interest, for posterity………and just in case anyone is compiling a photographic database of cartridge boxes.

The last photograph is a ‘largish’ shell case.

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Sam, outstanding 18pdr dummy case you got there! Thanks for sharing!

Some box deterioration is due to the use of acidic paper which will often decay overtime and just fall apart. I am told that most paper from the middle of the 20th century back is at least slightly acid. There is a spray on chemical that can be bought at Library supply stores that will prevent this deterioration. I have bought it in the past and used it on some boxes that were falling apart with some success. Over the past decade I seem to be having less of a problem, but probably because my collection, including boxes is stored in air conditioned areas.It has been a number of years since I have bought a can of this so can’t give you any hints.

Today there may be much better alternatives available. You may want to check with a local liberary, particularly a university library or one that maintains old paper items that must be protected.


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