Did Britain make any "SAA .450" ( aka .45ACP) during WW II

With a Military headstamp? Canada did, as did Australia; but the question came up on another board, and I had not seen or heard of any Specifically British Made .45ACP cartridges outside of Kynoch commercial production from before WW II. All the outright Purchase and Lend Lease .45ACP was Commercial US and Canada.

Doc AV

According to Tony Edwards’ British Military SAA web site: sites.google.com/site/britmilammo/-45-inch-acp , “Britain depended entirely on U.S. supplies of ball ammunition during WWII”.
Tony does indicated that Kynoch manufactured .45 ACP tracer loadings by converting U.S. and Canadian .45 ACP ball bullets into tracer bullets and loading these back into U.S. and Canadian made cases: sites.google.com/site/britmilam … inch-other.