Did I find a Gem? LC16

Hello! Uncovered a few casings while out fishing today and one caught my eye. The headstamp reads LC 16 and the Nato +. Anyou and all insight would be appreciated

You do not mention the caliber (case type) but if your hand is normal
size, I assume it is 5.56 NATO (.223). It was made by Lake City, and I believe
the dots indicated it was loaded on SCAMP machinery. I am used to seeing
smaller dots, if my memory serves me for once, on most rounds load on SCAMP loading lines,
but assume these have the same meaning. Standard 5.56 NATO casing, likely from some
form of Ball Ammunition. Not sure exactly what they are loading at LC in this caliber these
days. One of our 5.56 collectors will know.

John Moss

It was brass casing not sure size. I read that it maybe be from 1916 denoted by the 16? I just didn’t want to toss away something that could have a significance.

The “16” is 2016. It is military brass, 5.56mm NATO. It’s possible that it could be the new M855A1 round. The “dots” in the headstamp are code having something to do with what loading line at Lake City they were manufactured on. I just picked up a fairly large quantity of LC 12 5.56 cases, also with the large “dots.” The circle-cross is the NATO symbol.

To tell you how embarrassed I am…but hey if it wasn’t for this casing I wouldn’t know there were collectors! Hopefully I’ll find something special for yoy guys the Identify! Thank you!

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There’s no need to be embarrassed. I’m sure a lot of us collectors started out with a find like yours.

Just bought 500 rounds from Academy online whether that helps you or not not sure

If the dots indicate being loaded on the scamp line, it probably wouldn’t have been an M855A1 as those haven’t been loaded on that line unless something has changed recently.

Also all the M855A1 I’ve found has a four stab crimp instead of circular to prevent primers coming out under the new load’s higher pressure.

If you found these just laying around some fishing spot, most likely they were standard M855 green tip bal as pictured above. A crazy popular sporting load.


i found a similar casing but i found it prior to 2016 so is it possible that is not the date? Also, it was crimped shut like rat shot for a .22 or maybe a blank? i found it on the Eglin Air Force Base “reservation” area in Santa Rosa County when i was living in Florida. If you aren’t familiar with the area its a massive wilderness area where there is public land you can hunt, fish, camp, ride atv/off road vehicles, and lots more but there is also restricted access areas where the airforce does live ammo training and such. i can upload a picture if that would help but i have always been curious about the shell casing and i just came across it while i was cleaning out some stuff in my room. any information would be greatly appreciated!

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