Did the French have 7.62x51mm stripper clips?

Or did they just use the 7.5mm clips or something else or nothing?

I have seen the Aluminium “7.62” marked clips I take it these are for the US 30-06 (7.62x63mm) rounds?

Anyone able to enlighten me.

A few years ago some Greek .30 Cal. M2 ball showed up on the US surplus market. It was packed in bandoleers of 5 round clips, not the 8 round Garand clips or 20 round boxes now on the market. I picked up several 480 round wooden cases and all the clips were the French aluminum type.

Your three stripper clips are for 30-06 (7,62x63 Mle 1949 in France).


I france we used:

  1. 7.5 Clips : aluminium or steel or bonderized steel
  2. 223 clips : black plastic
  3. 7 mm Meunier : steel
  4. 30-06 : aluminium
  5. : 7.92 : steel


Thanks for the replies, I’ll cross off trying to find any ‘French’ 7.62x51mm stripper clips.