Did the US Army buy 7.62x51 NATO from IVI?

Preparing a bucket of my fired 7.62x51 this weekend for reloading, I came across a number of IVI 69 NATO stamped brass. 99+% of the brass in that bucket came from my own stock of USGI or Commercial brass (ball, Match, LR, Federal GMM, etc.) I don’t recall having IVI brass in my shooting stash, or seeing it when I was in uniform. However, they were all from 1969, which is the right era for me. I could have picked up someone else’s brass, or been given some that I don’t remember (happening more these days).

Does anyone know if the US Army contracted 7.62 NATO from Canada during the Vietnam era?

Thanks, R.J.

Yes 7.62 and 5.56.

Thank you for your, SERVICE, JOE! Grateful!


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The US purchased 7.62 mm M80 Ball ammunition from IVI between 1968 and 1970.

Lake City AAP continued using this ammunition for linked 5:1 M62 Tracer + M80 Ball functional lots assembled as late as 1979.



We had problems with that ammunition and much had to be condemned and recalled. Primers upside down, squashed in sideways, primer holes not drilled in cases. Saw much of this in M41 .38 Special ball, M1911 .45 ball and some in M80 7.62mm Nato. I cannot recall seeing any M193 5.56mm ball made by IVI. Time frame was 1968 to 1971.

Thanks gents! I still don’t know how that IVI brass ended up in my shooting bucket, but at least I know now it was “in the system” during the same time-frame I had access to. Interesting so much of it was out-of-spec…

Any additional/follow-up details would be great!

IVI also developed experimental 5.56mm Ball and Tracer rounds.

  • XM287 68-grain Ball
  • XM287 68-grain Tracer
  • XM777 Semi-Armor-Piercing
  • XM778 Tracer

XM777 and XM778 were used in the place of the experimental 6x45mm SAW round for the SAW trials in the 1970s and '80s.