Difference between 30mm PGU-15/A, PGU-15/B and A/B? Also what about the 20mm series?

Exactly. Most of what I flew, was always /U.

I bet /U stuff comes with good stories :)

Yeah…no. I usually left the transponder off. No reason to give the controllers a heart attack. ;)

I wonder if no transponder signal was any better as for the health factor. Though left lots of room for interpretation then - including harmless reasons.
I would have expected the use of “plausible alternative transponder signals” (in match to the radar signal).


What they can’t see, they can’t worry about. That was back in the days when I did aerobatics. I practiced them per the regs, as far as location, altitude, and all that, including being outside the 30nm veil of controlled airspace.

Very true words!

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Green over blue!

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Haha! It’s a great way to view the world!

Oh great… PGU-47 /U is the ammunition for the GAU-22 /A cannon… so much for /B being the shells.

ETA a couple of cool presentations

cool xrays of the detonation here