Difference between Murata and Mauser?

What’s the difference between Japanese 11mm Murata round and German 11mm Mauser round?I used to regard Murata 11mm as Mauser 11mm because they are both in size of 11×60R,but I found I was wrong after talking about them with my friends,and I wonder the difference between them,Japanese 11mm Murata and German 11mm Mauser.

The difference is onlly slight by looks and of course the measurements then there is the dream
of finding one and to possess it.

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Murata top M-78 Mauser below.

Head, rim, shoulder placement & shape


Interesting question.
The Japanese 11mm Murata cartridge differs from the 11mm Mauser cartridge.
I know that 11mm Mauser cartridges were made in China.
Check out this example of a Chinese cartridge. Is this 11 mm Murata or 11 mm Mauser?!
898987_3460 898987_3461


The difference is that of the head diameter: Mauser .515". MURATA
.540" ( DERIVED from 11mm Gras size).
Japan experimented with various 11mm BP cartridges before settling on the 11mm Murata Design.
Doc AV.