Different british mark of .303 ball loading

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You missed Nitrocellulose Mark VII (z)…WWII, and the earlier Nitrocellulose ( US contracts) WWI.

Doc AV

Thanks to point out the mark VIIZ, have to find one!

Hi Laurent,


This is a VII Z headstamp but not what it seems. The S for standard part is correct but the round was actually cordite filled. I queried it with Footscray and they definitely told me they never loaded .303s with nitrocellulose. Examination at the time (1970s), showed it was cordite loaded. This is only one of a couple of .303s which had incorrect bunters made during the wartime pressure.

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Hi john, do you speak about the mark VIII?

No Laurent I am not speaking of the Mk VIII. The Mk VIII was never made in Australia


JohnKindred, you are confusing us all Laurent doesnt have an Australian MkVIIZ, did you mean to attach a photo to your post because there isnt one there


Sorry I selected a photo and I thought I had attached it. will do so later this morning. Comes of hurrying to reply when I’m the grip of a nasty flu