Different length 8mm mauser ammo

I collect relics and battle field pick ups. also ammo. I had a friend from overseas send me an MG belt and 20 shells. when I was putting them into the belt I noticed some were way longer then others. the short ones match other rifle rounds I have but what are the long ones? did there MGs use longer ammo?
head stamp on the long one is: SL Y? 42

Take some measurements, but I’d bet they are Cal .30 (30-06), Saint Louis Ordnance Plant, 1942.


here is the info on the longer cases. I know the shorter ones are mauser from the head stamp so I leave them out.

rim:11.86 mm
inside neck: 8.2
they have all been fired so the measurements are a bit off. here is some of the head stamps:

L C 42
SL 42
DEN 42
R.A 42

the R.A shells have this funny primer on them:

Those are all ca. WW II Cal .30 (30-06) cases.

LC = Lake City
SL = St. Louis
DEN = Denver
R.A. = Remington

The Remington cases have a deep, primer ring crimp.

Nothing special, unless there’s some provenance.


thanks for the info! now I have to rebuild this mg belt.
the cases come from the Kurland forest battlefield WW2, Latvia. so they would have been used by the Russians I am sure. that’s pretty cool land lease stuff.
I was after german rounds but these I think are even better. a little better story.


In the interest of having the correct history in your display / collection, I’m not sure 30-06 shells belong in that belt, perhaps someone who knows for sure can comment?

I would bet you a dollar that belt is for an MG-34 or MG-42. Both are chambered in 8x57 Mauser.
The US .30-06 round measures at 7.62x63 in metric.

I don’t know if you are aware of the Norwegian 7.92 x 61 round by Raufoss for the Colt machinegun. But I guess your rounds are 30-06’s.

no for sure the belt is an MG42 belt. like I said I didn’t notice the shells were different till after I put them in the belt. when I bought them I asked just for a bunch of cases, this guy has like piles of them so I am sure he didn’t know they were any different then the 8mm cases ether.

After the war, Norway used MG34, and it was rebarreled to use 30-06, and later .308. I guess this was also the case for other countries.

As the M/62 LMG (MG3) is slowly taken out of service in Denmark, the belts don’t get reloaded any more and I get to look at some of them. Approx. 5-10% is of german WW2 origin.

psg1 - are you sure that MG42s were “rechambered” for .30-06 in Norway after the war? The large difference in case length with .30 US case being 6 mm longer than the German 7.9 should call for far more modification to the weapons than that. U.S. efforts to make the MG42, carried on after the war, were a failure.

Conversely, the converions to 7.62 x 51 NATO is easy. Austria converted hundreds of MG42s to that caliber with nothing more than a new barrel and a filler block on the feed tray to keep the belt from kinking. I am told if an assistant gunner feeds the belts carefully, that the guns even work well without the filler block, although it would be silly to field them without it.

No, I don’t think it was done to the MG-42, but we did it to the MG-34. First to 30-06, then to .308. We had the MG-34 in service far into the 90’s in the homeguard.

what weapon is replacing the m/62 alias MG3 Denmark is phasing out?

TrevorK, I assume you are interested only in fired cases that have “been there.” Otherwise, fired military 8X57mm cases of random national origins and dates are common as dirt (well, almost).

what weapon is replacing the m/62 alias MG3 Denmark is phasing out?[/quote]I honestly don’t think it’s decided yet. A number of Colt Canada/Diemaco LSW have been procured by they are not the optimal solution and the whole LMG concept have been politicized quite a bit. Various politicians have been heard saying “too destructive” etc…
FMT tried to buy pakistani spare parts for the system, but was very quickly very disappointed. The quality was not good.
The remaining systems are kept functioning and since AMA is now producing 7,62 again either they have decided on a 7,62 system or they have sourced parts elsewhere.
From variuos rumour mills (homepages like soldaternyt):
soldaternyt.dk/2013/01/10/testes … de-i-smug/

My sources are mostly home guard members and they are not always the best informed.

thank you for the information.