Dimensions of 84mm Carl Gustaf container(s)

Hi everyone I am trying to find out the dimensions of a double pack 84mm container used with the Carl Gustav.

The only thing I was able to find was a Canadian company that seems to make them Infantry - 84 mm Carl Gustav Ammunition Container - Double

However there are no dimensions anywhere on the website.

Would anyone happen to have an empty container they could measure? or happen to know the dimensions?

Thanks In Advance

There are a few different double round containers made. The containers dimensions are different for each type of round. Which round do you need the dimensions for? Also I have a few different ones for sale if you need some, also some rounds too.

Hi There are a few I am interested in, which are MT 756, ASM 509, HEAT 751 and ADM401

Most of those rounds will be difficult to find the carriers, as most of those rounds are new and haven’t been fielded by many militaries yet. I know the US hasn’t fielded the ADM and MT 765. They have started testing the ASM and HEAT though. Most of the carriers I have seen on the market are either TP variants, HEAT, Illium, smoke, etc- the common rounds used and most of those are the older variants. The only one I think I have of those is the HEAT.

I imagine the width of the containers is the same its more of a length thing.

Any dimensions you could provide would be a huge help,

The widths are very close but vary as well. Here are mine, you can see how much they can vary in design and dimensions depending on the round.


Thanks you for the picture, so what would the dimensions be of the largest on the left and smallest container on the right?

From the 2014 Swedish ammo catalog (not exactly the needed ones):

My fellow ammunition historians, I know it’s a tiny detail but I feel strongly that names should be spelled correctly. Almost always the name of the 84mm is spelled Carl Gustav, which is wrong. It’s spelled with an “f”, Carl Gustaf.

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Some more containers from factory docs:






Mr.EOD Sir thank you very very very much. This is a massive help to me. I was also interested in the crate dimensions as well which you kindly provided.

Thank you again it is much appreciated.

Here some more images of the containers for the Swedish smoke round - in case it matters.


Image source: internet

Thanks Alex.


One more packing to look for soon:

Here a Swedish Bofors made HEDP 502 out of 2016.


Ah Yes I did see the guided one back in 2019, I imagine its likely considerably larger than any of the other containers. Might even be a single container per missile.

Thanks for the 502 Container always good to have more pictures.


I see they have an entry on their website now: