So “what and why” is this round I have accumulated ?

not worth get the mic out to measure…but it’s 6" long and “50 cal” (I’am at work and do not have the tools)

PS…vintage 45-70 in for scale


I have two things to say about that cartridge.

  1. Some guys have WAY too much time on their hands

  2. Why didn’t I think of it first. :( :(

I like the name. A clever play on words, don’t you think?


I like it grin

Ray, did you see the new one Ed Hubble is working on? IOW his new 8ga FH (straightened 20mm HS with a rim added, uses 8ga factory industrial slugs for plinking loads)

Pepper - shouldn’t that .50 Dinosover Express be sitting in my cabinet next to my 7" long Winchester 12 Gaugue cartridge? What’ll they think of next?

John Moss


Yeah, I’ve been following Ed’s big and bigger cartridges. I have one of the 12 GFH. I think JD Jones is making a 95 caliber cartridge from the Vulcan case, isn’t he?? Probably for a pistol. :) :)


Ray, here is that .95 Calibre cartridge you are talking about, it is called the .950 JDJ, and is based on the 20x102 Vulcan case.

The rounds are (From left to right): .950 JDJ Bullet, 950 empty case, .950 loaded round, .50 BMG, .577 Nitro Express for the Ruger #1 conversion, .700 JDJ, empty case, .700 JDJ 1100 grain bullet.

Here is a link to the site: