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I hesitate to ask this question here because not many guys read this technical stuff. But, here goes:

To get to the IAA Forum and a couple of shooting forums and sites that I visit, I usually open “Browse The Internet” which opens my favorites list which then gets me to the links to the sites I want to visit. But lately it seems to take forever to get to my Internet Home Page (MSN) so I created Desktop short cuts directly to my favorites. This works a lot faster.

How do you guys do it? Unless I want to read the news or sports scores is there any reason to first go to a Home Page?


I have Firefox set up to open several tabs on startup - Google, IAA Forum, etc. For anyone else using Firefox, this is really easy to set up:

  1. Open each web site you want to bookmark as a “home” page in a separate tab
  2. Under Tools -> Options, select “Main”, then click the “Use Current Pages” button

After you do this, whenever you start Firefox (or click on the “home” button), it will open all of the websites in their own tabs.

I do like the desktop shortcut option too. It’s a nice, straightforward way to get directly to a frequently-visited site.

Once your browser launches, you can access your favorates without waiting for your homepage to load/finish loading.
I use a weather report ( ) for my home page, and like any “active” page it takes longer to load (active as in the information changes continusoly). If you use a “static” (non or minimal changing IE: one of your forum index pages) page it will load a lot faster.

Chip & Bob

Thanks for that. It’s starting to make more sense to me now.


All hail Firefox (and Chrome, from time-to-time). Anyway, when I open up Firefox, it automatically loads up the pages that are my bases of operations. It’s really easy to do. Tools -> Options and in the homepage entry I have the following:|http://bl … rg/forum3/ Each site opens on a separate tab. Across the top of my browser I have my more active favorites, eg weather, other mail sites, fantasy football, etc. My “deeper” favorites are contained in the bookmarks menu.

Some folks are under the impression that one must visit a portal first to jump out to the rest of the net. I see this with folks who used to use proprietary dial-up services in the 90’s (maybe I am talking about my mom and dad!). You own your browser and you can make it do what ever you want.


I use my FAVORITES list and bounce all over the place. Goes as fast as I can stand. Speed depends on the traffic to that site, I’m guessing. Like I have any idea what I’m talking about. Ray, you ain’t still using that COMPAQ 360 on dial-up, are you?

You guys are giving me the education I never had. I never realized I could, and should, customize my browser.

Rick, my dream is to upgrade to that COMPAQ 360. Someday.


Ray–Unless you want the News, Weather, etc., pick some other page as your homepage. If you want a page that will open quickly, use the Google search page. It is a useful page to open on and it loads fast. Plus, anytime you are online and want to look something up, just hit CTRL-T to open a new tab then click on the Homepage Icon at the top of your screen to open Google or use bookmark to open a new web page without losing the one you were at. I do this a lot while reading the Forum and someone mentions something I want more information on. That way I don’t need to reload the Forum.