Disassembly of specimens


Recently there have been some questions and answers on sectioning cartridges and at times there have been comments about otherwise deactivating live rounds for various purposes.

Per the webmaster, effective immediately, the site policy on such topics will be to prohibit them:

Sectioning or any manner of disassembly of cartridges may result in death or serious bodily injury if not done with extreme caution by people who are well aware of the exact nature of the components involved using appropriate equipment and safety precautions. Leave this sort of work to experts! Due to liability concerns, the IAA will not allow discussion of such techniques on this forum. Admire the results, learn from these . . . but in the strongest possible terms, we caution AGAINST anyone attempting to conduct such procedures on their own.



Why don’t you post this restriction at the site gate (the very 1st page of forum) in BIG LETTERS. The newcomers may not read the whole entire disclaimer page.


So just to be sure I understand, its okay to post and discuss sectioned cartridges on this web site, just don’t discuss how they got they got that way. Our very own ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy ;-)


So, any experts that do this for a living? In other words, were can someone send a round to have it sectioned? If such exists, maybe add a link or contact info on the IAA


This post probably will not get the same attention as one asking about a cartridge but, Guy’s earlier post has me thinking.

I participate in a couple of Forums devoted to shooting and there are many questions, and answers, concerning loading information. One of the Forums just recently banned the subject much as the IAA Forum has. This did not sit too well with the members as you might expect, and the discussions spilled over onto the other Forum. There seemed to be a general consensus that no Forum could be held liable for anything that may happen as a result of a Forum posting. I’m not a lawyer and can’t say one way or tuther but, I wonder. How about this scenario. Showing a photograph of a sectioned cartridge leads someone to try it on his own. Something bad goes wrong. Would IAA and the Forum be legally liable?? If so, are we really gaining anything by allowing photos of someone’s work but disallowing him from describing a safe procedure?




[color=red]WARNING, don’t do this if you don’t know what you are doing[/color]

I think, that’s it.
We can’t stop every stupidity anyway…