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John Moss

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John Moss

John, did you have a chance to check out that program I told you about, “Cute PDF writer”?
It shows up in your print window as another printer choice, but makes a .pdf file of your word .doc instead.
Simplest way to .pdf something I have found.

I am not familiar with converting Word to a pdf and then posting it. It seems, though, like the hard way of doing things. As for “Cute PDF writer,” all I picture is a good-looking girl writing about PDFs.

Neither of these answers the problem. Why is it that when I answer something here, it usually transfers precisely what I have written “Reply” on to the thread, but doing exactly the same procedures, it sometimes does not?

Why is it that when I hit reply in the answer in question, it shows it exactly how I originally typed it, but the thread itself has many parts that are NOT as I typed it. In short, why is it when the exact same procedures are used to reply, that sometimes it transfers perfectly and sometimes it does not? This implies to me that something is awry in the programming. Not to mention the fact that when I see the error on the Forum thread itself, and hit “edit” so that I can correct it, “edit” shows it the way I originally typed it, thereby giving me no way to make a correction.

Something is wrong somewhere, and so far, I have seen no explanation other than to try some other procedure, when that is NOT necessary for most of the replies I make.

EDIT: Case in point right here. The above printed exactly as I wrote it in “Reply!”
John Moss

I suspect it has tom do with how the program sees what you type:
For instance, when you have formatted something with the ‘tab’ key, it does not know that the ‘tab’ key wants the type to be indented by ‘x’ amount of space- such as columns- as it would in a word .doc. format.

Hence the suggestion that you type it up in word, then save that document as a .pdf, and post that here.

My suggestion that you use the “Cute PDF Writer” is because it is the smallest, and easiest to use, and free, conversion program on the market.

Once you download and install, it is placed in your printer menue as an option, so after you hit the print key, when the Cute PDFprint window opens, simply choose “Cute PDF Writer” and press “OK”:

And voila, you have a .pdf that you can post, which is exactly in the same format you made it in in the Word .doc!

in the pull down section of my microsoft word under the save or save as is the format window / button where I can save the document in a large number of different formats. One of those is a pdf file.

just open up your word, type a any letter & then push the “save as” button, then explore your options of how to save it. Then easy to trash after you figure it out.

Windows 10 has the ability to print to PDF built in by default. CutePDF works well and I have used it a lot, especially on older Windows versions.

Nowadays I do most of my internet related stuff on my smart phone and hardly use the PC since I migrated my digital archive to a NAS (or a ‘private cloud’ as the hipsters call it now :). Helps me to access all files with my phone.


Pretty much as Pete said;

I have just used my old company logo and dropped it into word as a test.

Once you have typed it in word go to “Print” and click of the printer line and move down and highlight the “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the drop-down list.

Once clicked it will go to the top

Now click the “Print Button” and it will open a box, in there pick a folder that you know were it will be (I created one called PDF Test Print File Pictures) so it could be seen.

Then press the save button at the bottom.

Your PDF file will be saved in that folder.

There is your PDF document.

Image PDF Test.pdf (200.7 KB)

I hope that helps.

PS, did this on a 2010 version of MS Office just to see that it worked going back that far.

I cannot do that, screen is too small, and keyboard is not suited to someone with only one good hand… and I cannot get it to mesh with my bluetooth enabled printer, either.
So, I go the long route: bluetooth it to my laptop, plug that into my printer.
Yea, and I am old, too.

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