Disk primer

I’m looking for some info on the early disc primers. What composition to use? Only black powder? History?, Pictures ?
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Hi Luger.

When you say ‘disc primers’, what exactly do you mean? Please be more specific. There were many types of early priming systems such as percussion caps, percussive powder, pellets, pills, etc. You have to narrow it down a bit more.


I mean paper disc primer
For example:

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Hi Luger.

The Paper patch primer is Collison Hall’s 1817 primer. He won the Silver medal of 'The Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts" for this. This one was particularly important since it required a nipple in place of the flintlock striking pan. This was the first use of a nipple and had a direct bearing on the developement of the percussion cap.

Other patch primers were the 1821 patent 4611, by Westley Richards, 1866 patent 72,052 by Charles Canouil, 1830’s by Charles Moore, 1826 French patent 1,834 by Mahiet, and others. They were usually placed in a nose piece in the hammer which upon firing would strike the nipple and fire the gun.

The early ones such as Hall’s would use a form of Clorate. It wasn’t until 1822/23 that Fredrick Joyce came up with the ‘non-corrosive’ percussion powder which used a fulminate in place of the clorate which was very corrosive.

The late Jim Gooding did a lot of work on the identification of Percussion Primers.


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Thank you so much, absolutely perfect info.
Where can I find these patents? Any source?
What do pellets look like? Any picture?

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