Display cases for cartridge collectors


I have about 25 display cases that I need to dispose of. These had a large cartridge collection in them when I bought them several years ago, but the high Florida humidity coupled with acidic paper used in the displays was causing serious corrosion of the lead bullets which I was unable to combat with regular maintenance, so I had to remove the cartridges. These would be good for displaying a cartridge collection in a less humid environment, with a good coat of polyurethane on the exposed wood surfaces inside, and with non- acidic materials for labeling. Of course, they would be great for other collectibles also (arrowheads, tools, or whatever). Useable space inside the display cases is about 34" by 46" by about 1 3/8" deep. Several of the displays are about 2 1/2" deep, again inside. Outside dimensions are 36 1/2" by 52 1/4" by 2 3/8" to 3 1/2". The height of 52 1/4" includes a ~4" extension at the top of each side from which I assume the displays were intended to hang from some sort of overhead bracket. They are quite solidly constructed of aluminum for the front frames with oak or some other hardwood for the sides and a single sheet of masonite for the backs. 28 screws secure the aluminum frames and quarter inch plate glass to the wood sides, and 68 screws hold the backs in place. Again, these are well made, weighing about 80 pounds each. They will probably need to be picked up or arrangements made to ship by truck due to the weight involved. I’d like to get $75 each, but will consider a discount on the lot. Needless to say, the display cases will be empty whenm sold; the cartridges in the photograph do not go with them.


Perhaps you’re trying to figure how you can slip one or two of these into the home decor without the wife noticing. How about as a coffee table - remove the two ‘arms’ at the top, lay it on a couple of old wood ammo shipping crates and fill it with your most cherished cartridges. Its heavy enough that it won’t move. Prop your feet up on it and relax - the 1/4" glass won’t break even if you choose to tap dance on it.