Display Ideas


I typically collect full boxes, pre-child warning label. If a box interests me that is modern, I don’t mind adding it to the collection. I have some single rounds that I like but not many.
I am quickly running out of room in my display cases and would like to get some ideas from the membership for other display ideas. I, like most collectors, like to have it displayed so it can start up conversations when friends come over
Here is what I have, and appreciate your input for displaying.
Thanks in advance


flat drawers for blueprints, are good, here’s a 45-70 drawer, some are empty & some are full & some are just a front of the box
45-70%20drawer .


I put some on a nice looking shelf and the darn thing broke after a while, because of weight, broke a box apart, so point is, be careful.
My other display case is like yours, but is getting packed. I plan on put up some thinner shelves, but tacked onto the wall very well (previous one the part nailed, came off the shelf).

I don’t collect 38 Auto, but that Remington box (blue) is very striking!

I like early DWM / 7.65 and 9mm luger boxes.


Thanks, I want to have glass or plexiglass covers. Less maintenance like dust, etc.
I like DWM also but most of mine are un boxed pieces. Except one.


Are you sure the cartridges belonging to the box. (label)
Each part was made by Genschow Durlach (Ge)

The head stamps should look like;


Aldi throws away these boxes, but one may use them as a display.


Hello Dutch,
No I am not sure.
Sure seems strange someone would change out shells with other all matching headstamps. Not that it matters, this box has been in my possession for 30+ years.


his box is dated 1917 - I’d say that its a correct box?


The box label states that all parts were made by Geco. So that would result in a Ge. Makers mark on the head stamp and not DWM. DWM marked cases in that box are odd.


Nice displays! Is that top picture a coffee table? You could build a coffee table with a glass top and place the boxes underneath.


Joel, It is an end table.