Display Ideas


norbert, when I have time, will photgraph my box labdels and share them. I have quite a few 15 round and some 20 round bozes with original labels. alwasy looking for additions. Someof my stuff Ive had for over 30 years. So nee dto go thru it. I have a box from Czechoslovakian that had SB headastamped rounds in it. Not a common headsatmp. Lots of WW2 german stuff.


(Gosh I Need to slow down and type clearly. Sorry).


I pack my boxes.

in this way.


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Nice storage for your 8k ammo. I will bet those drawers are really heavy.


William thanks for the pic.
The drawers must be heavy because each 15. box has 0,25 kg and the 20. box 0,38kg and the 25. 0,45 kg.
Its easy to make such a box with different drawers.I add some more pics.


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Very nice storage and organization. I still am looking for display idea where I can see the boxes but keeps dust out.