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This is a Winchester display of standard smokeless powders. It is 6” tall. Can anyone tell me the age, rarity and worth. I bought it at a flea market for $8. Thanks in advance

Need to see the headstamp and cup.

If it is 6" tall, it can’t be a cartridge, right?

Powder display cartridges by Winchester were 6 inches long but sadly I do not own one. I think they dated from around end of WW1 ?

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Can you estimate what you think it’s worth? I’m not trying to sell it. I just like to know the value of what I collect and to see if I got a good deal. I can’t find out any information about it when it comes to value. I’m sure you are much more knowledgeable than I am. Also, is it rare? Thanks in advance!

Looks like C.E. Roberts, Patent # 719,876. February 3, 1903.
Assignor to Winchester. Powder shot window display.

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I missed one at an ACCA auction 3 years ago ? and it went for about $80 ? so maybe $50 USA. A few in collections and quite scarce in Australia.

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Thanks guys! I never would’ve found this information!