Display Material Reactivity?


Hello all,
I know there are some materials to watch out when making displays. I am using plexiglass and was going to drill individual holes but that is becoming quite an issue. I am thinking about making a U formed around the base of each cartridge and securing the ends into the plexiglass behind. Are there any metals (wire) that would be considered safe for long term contact with brass cartridge cases?
Thank You


I used a laquered fine copper wire (electric motor winding) for 10 years with no observable damage, took it apart so that I could handle, measure and regroup. put them all in drawers. An obsolete library card catalog case. I think everybody goes through the board phase. Vic


Thank you for the information. I guess I am in the “board phase” right now. I have a great intrest in the history and variants of cartridges. The project I started for my grandfather has spawned much more. The value does not really conserern me. I Just want them to last. That and I’m running out of floor/horizontal space in my house.



You could always use brass wire. It might be harder to find, but it would look nicer than the red colored enamled copper wire. I think most hobby stores would have it available. It is often used in scratch building of models. Whatever method you choose, do not drill holes or use glue of any kind.